Adult Amateur Gallery

What they see, by Melissa Eggler

What They See

Melissa Eggler, fabric collage, 16 x 20″

Mama Wolf with Her Pup

Jacci Clark, watercolor

Sunset Burst

Sue Kee, black and white photography

Slip Away

Krissy Brommerich, color photography, 12 x 24″


Shirley Anderson, acrylic paint, 9 x 12″

The Sentinel

Pattie Ekman, watercolor

Eagle Watch

Susan Kee, photography


Stephen Pittelko, B&W photograph, 11 x 14″

Ice Harvest

Gary Klein, color photograph, 8 x 10″

Eucalyptus Bark

Rhonda Roberts, acrylic, 12 x 24″


Kristopher TIffany, graphic and chalk on toned paper, 8 x 10″

Shadow Moth

Gary Klein, B&W photograph, 8 x 10″

Snowy Woodland

R. Sanwal, color photograph

My Uber ride

Tammy Freimund, photograph


Stephen Pittelko, photography, 11 x 14″

Sunrise at Bryce Canyon

Shawn Einerson, photography, 16 x 24″

Church on Mykonos

Jeff Thompson, silver gelatin print, B&W, 14 x 18″