Scavenger Hunt

map of scavenger hunt

Journey with us through Art and Space…Rest a moment and contemplate food for thought…. Where does Art belong??? Post a pic, cast your vote, find a treasure hidden within…

Play for $100 Cash Plus Merchandise Grand Prize

Play through Saturday, September 14, 3:30 pm. Locations are all through Downtown Rochester. Print off the list of clues, if you wish. Click here if you want print off a map of your journey.

Tell us the right answer to the Super Clue on this form and you’ll be entered into a drawing for the Grand Prize. Must be present to win. Winner announced during our awards ceremony from 4-5pm.

SuperClue: You will be captivated by this one on the shelf. Hold on, find a symbol of love, health and good fortune. Look Close! 

And your answer is?

  1. Trek a trail, take in touted tasty treasures of tantamount temptation, juxtapose with joyous jestings and juicy jams!
  2. It’s only natural to encounter art among the people as a member of your tour group. 
  3. Goose? I think not. Get a flight of fine art here! 
  4. This little piggy went to the art market.
  5. Creative crackers in my soup, oils and canvas, loop de loop.
  6. Strike a pose…Vogue for us, until your swept away. 
  7. Send Rover on over, el dia del arte.
  8. Up on the roof top tour guides pause, out jumps great artwork, drop your jaws! 
  9. Roll out the Art a Go-Go, not quite half-way there. 
  10. 62 pictures of art on the wall, 62 pictures of art, take a pic hurry be quick, 62 pictures of art on the wall!
  11. Soul of the pasta where would Art be without Italy.
  12. Condense your love for fine art into a local cuppa steam.
  13. Come one come all, see so many Art on the wall.
  14. Welcome! C’mon in, find a comfy chair, nosh on some chicken fried Art and taters. 
  15. Sunrise or sunset one Artwork following another, laden with a caffeine stop. 
  16. Check it out… pages of pictures on the wall.
  17. Look once, look twice… this art will grow on you.
  18. Sea Food, See Art! Either or both stand apart.

    Your Artful Education continues here.
  19. Bag yourself some high-end Art, She’ll wear it well.
  20. His Round Table has a new piece of Art.
  21. Seashell or turtle of delight, maybe a piece of fine Art? 
  22. Sore muscles are soothed with a touch.

  23. No reservations needed, masterful meal or work of Art

    Head north to continue your search…
  24. Ready, Set, Go! You’re near the finish, stay on track, there’s more to see.
  25. Queen Victoria wore these portraits.
  26. 24 is the number if you want to finish.
  27. So May Art Be! Huzzah! Run into finish, you’ve seen it all…

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