Vendor / Pop Up Med City Art Festival


Acrylic pour and resin art, oil and acrylic paintings, watercolor paintings, and greeting cards by Brianna Stenzel

Gary Koeing

Stunning photography by Gary Koenig

Jes Peterson

Painting and Photography by Gary Klein (Kleingary@instgram)

Ginni Cormack

Beautiful handmade ceramic art by Ginni Cormack (


Watercolor by Sheila Perry (

Carla Long

Wood & Knots by Joel DesLauries and Carla Long

Jean Keefe

Painted Tiles by Jean Keefe

Mara Smith

Colorful hand beaded and wire wrapped jewelry by Mara M Smith (click here 

Yeimy Reintanz

Oil and Acrylic painting on canvas, handmade decorated clothes by Yeimy Reintanz  (

Mary Hanson

Hand-made Quilts by Mary Hanson

Danielle Topka

Hand-thrown Pottery and Ceramic Art by Danielle Topka 

Laurie Cohrs

Healing Hands Pottery by Laurie Cohrs (

Alexis Zaccariello

Pottery by Alexis Zaccariello (Alexiszaccarielloart on instagram)

Kristine Tran-CoralCircle-Earrings

Handmade Jewelry and Art Prints by Kristina Tran (

Aleksiy Savchuk

Realistic oil paintings by Galina & Aleksly Savchuk (

Stephanie Kuglin

Ceramics by Stephanie Kuglin (

Jennie Brass

Acrylic of animals by Jennie Brass

Karen Flynn

Pottery by Karen Flynn (

Sarah Hoppe

Photography by Sarah Hoppe (

Gery Harbo
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Author and illustrator of children books by Gary Harbo

Cindy Senjem

Beautiful handcraft jewelry. Authentic stones in a variety of colors by Cindy Senjem.

Lindsay Schilling

Macrame and polymer clay Jewelry, plant Hangers, and more by Lindsay Schilling


Digital Art by Kennedy Lynnrothe

Jill Rheingans

Pottery- slab and wheel by Jill Rheingans

Kat Kinney

Handmade Masks, Luggage Finders / Key Fobs, Pet Scarves & Bow Ties and Badge Buddies by Kat Kinney

Jessie Siefert

Colorful Coaster technique by Jes Peterson.

Stain glass beaded spiders door knob blessings by Tammy Schetti

Terri Allred

Adornment for Energetic Balance-jewelry made from natural stones and infused with healing Reiki energy by Terri Allred (click here

Oils paintings by Jaj Art